Are you
feeling worried
or overwhelmed?

Counselling can help. Counselling is a place to talk about anything that is on your mind, in an empathetic and non-judgemental environment.

Counselling can help. More about me.

Therapy for ADHD, burnout, and parental burnout

You've got a lot of good things going on in your life, but the daily demands of life just keeps getting really overwhelming. You feel like you're stuck in a  cycle you can't get out of, and need some support and coping mechanisms to move yourself out of the overwhelm, get things under control, and enjoy life again. I help people dealing with ADHD, overwhelm or burnout get into healthy self-empowering patterns, so they can actually enjoy their full lives.

Therapy can help. More about me.

Untangling the stuckness + getting into optimal patterns

You may be feeling like:

> It's all too much
> I'm trying my best but it's not enough
> I feel like I'm failing in multiple areas
> If I tend to one responsibility, the other responsibilities in my life don't get enough attention
> I wish I could have things under control
> I wish I could relax and enjoy life
> Will it always be like this?

I help clients regain control and perspective and get into self-supporting patterns, so you can enjoy your life like you deserve to.

Areas of therapy for entrepreneurs & professionals

As a UK-registered therapist/counsellor, I offer English-speaking therapy sessions for female entrepreneurs, professionals and change makers online worldwide or in Amsterdam, focusing on untangling the spots in which you may be stuck and supporting you in discovering your strengths.
Currently no waiting list, insurance coverage available.


Hi, I'm Diana Orlando and I'm a registered therapist focusing on ADHD, burnout, and parental burnout.

I'm passionate about helping people understand themselves and their patterns, so they can achieve the things that matter to them and still take good care of themselves.

Diana Orlando Van Walsum taking notes during a therapy session with a client

In our sessions, I am your supportive and open-minded collaborative partner. I listen closely, ask strategic questions, provide support, and help you to figure out what's blocking you, what you want, what you need to function at your best and how to implement your plans.

I'm also here to help you explore, understand and manage any big or difficult feelings like self-doubt, disappointment, shame, fear, and limiting beliefs.

In our sessions, you get both a safe place to process and be supported AND strategic brainstorming, empowering tools and implementation - to really optimize your ability to take your life to where you want it to be.

Session Information

120 Euros per 50-minute session

Appointments are Tues-Fri 10:00am - 2:00pm (Central European Time)

Online through Zoom (worldwide)
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Therapy & Mindset Coaching to help you break through your blocks, get clear, and build and execute your vision

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